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WrightWay offers a variety of ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Products from Reachers to Power Door Operators. These products many times enable an individual to accomplish seemingly simple, everyday tasks that otherwise would be impossible like picking up a piece of paper off the floor or getting through the front door carrying a bag of groceries and pushing a wheelchair at the same time. Whatever your circumstances are, our Consumer Care staff will assist you in finding a product that will solve the problem. Whether you are looking for a particular product or need some ideas about what might work for you, WrightWay is here to help.

Please contact our customer service staff for further information.


Grooming Aids

Denture Brush
Grooming Aids
Foot Funnel
hand held inspection mirror
long handled combs and brushes
Nail Clip Board
Denture Brush Toothpaste Squeezer Foot Funnel Hand Held Inspection Mirror Long Handled Combs and Brushes Nail Clip Board

Other Grooming Aids
  • Adapted Bath Brushes and Scrubbers
  • Hair Washers
  • Suction Brushes
  • Toothbrush Holder

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Dressing Aids

Ball Buttoner
Button Hook
Dressing Aids
collapsible dressing stick Elastic shoelaces
Ball Buttoner Button Hook Button Pullers Collapsible Dressing Stick Elastic shoelaces

long arm shoe horn Shoe laces shoe remover zipper gripper  
Long Arm Shoe Horn Shoe Laces Shoe Remover Zipper Gripper  

Other Dressing Aids
  • Button Pullers
  • Elongated Shoe Horns
  • Lace Locks
  • Pant Clips

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Dining and Food Preparation Aids

Dining & Food Preperation Aids all purpose openers colored foam tubing cutting board deluxe suction bollel brushes
Adapted Utensils All Purpose Openers Colored Foam Tubing Cutting Board Deluxe Suction Bollel Brushes

good grip cheese planer High Sided Dishes jar openers long Handeled Mugs meat cutter knife
Good Grip Cheese Planer High Sided Dishes Jar Openers Long Handeled Mugs Meat Cutter Knife

mug with lid two handles nose cut out glass pan holder partitioned scoop dish Rocking T Knife
Mug with Lid Two Handles Nose Cut out Glass Pan Holder Partitioned Scoop Dish Rocking T Knife

Round Scoop Dish souper spoon Swedixh cutting board Terry Cloth or Vinyle Bibs the spreadboard
Round Scoop Dish Souper spoon Swedixh Cutting Board Terry Cloth or Vinyle Bibs The Spreadboard

universal Cuff Universal Quad Cuff Utensils Weighted Utensils  
Universal Cuff Universal Quad Cuff Utensils Weighted Utensils  

Other Dining and Food Preparation Aids
  • Scoop Bowls
  • 2 Handle Cups
  • Nosey Cups
  • Dycem

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reachers Reachers    

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Toileting Aids

Toileting Aids        
Toilet Tissue Aid        

Other Toileting Aids
  • Bidets

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Other Aids to Daily Living Products

Book Butler
card holders carry handle Dr. Joseph's footbrush crochet and embroidery hoop
Book Butler card holders Carry Handle Dr. Joseph's Footbrush Crochet and Embroidery Hoop

door handle extender
Door knob turner furniture fisers key turner lever extenders
Door Handle Extender Door Knob Turner Furniture Fisers Key Turner Lever Extenders

lighted nagnifier
long handled dust pan and brush loop scissors LoVision playing cards mobile computer table
Lighted Magnifiers Long Handled Dust Pan & Brush Loop Scissors LoVision Playing Cards Mobile Computer Table

non slip jar openers
pill crusher pill spliter portable door knob turner posey grips
Non Slip Jar Openers Pill Crushers Pill Spliter Portable Door Knob Turner Posey Grips

T turning handle Slip on typing aid uplift power seat  
Scissors T Turning Handle Slip on Typing Aid Uplift Power Seat  

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