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Ceiling Lift Systems - Residential Ceiling/Tracking Systems

Residential Ceiling Lift Systems | Institutional Ceiling Lift Systems

Although Ceiling Lift and Transfer Systems have been available for some time, many people are not familiar with them and what they can do to make life much more simple and easy for the user as well as caregivers and/or family members.

Ceiling lift and transfer systems can be as simple as a single piece of track over a bed that will enable a person to easily be lifted and transferred out of bed and into a wheelchair. A system can also be designed to go from bedroom into bathroom and/or any other rooms that a client desires. Ceiling lift systems can either be semi automatic or fully automatic. Semi automatic models lift the person and the transfer is then accomplished by a family member or caregiver. Fully automatic models will allow a person to lift themselves our of bed and then, with the push of button, transfer themselves into the bathroom/shower or out to the living room where they could lower themselves down into a recliner or couch. The possibilities are endless.

Our assessment and installation team have been factory trained in all units we sell and install and client's safety is our priority.  In addition to these "fixed" systems, WrightWay also has portable systems that can be transported easily and set up in a matter of minutes. We all know the difficulties encountered in most hotels for folks who use wheeled mobility. Beds that seem like they are 6ft off the ground, "accessible" bathrooms that aren't, etc. We may have solutions for these problems.

For people visiting the west coast of Florida, WrightWay rents portable systems and will deliver and set up these systems in area hotels. Please call our customer service staff for more information on rental units.  For those people that live in mobile home, we also have ceiling lift solutions for you, too. Just give Clint Gannaway or Vince Scruci a call.

If you are interested in finding out first hand how a ceiling/tracking system operates, please stop by our facility. We have a working system installed at our office that will demonstrate the many positive attributes of this system. In the meantime, we have posted many pictures of the units that we have installed.


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